Greenway Downs

A Community Since 1942

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Welcome to Greenway Downs! The Greenway Downs Citizens Association (GDCA) is a non-profit, non-partisan association of residents that represents approximately 480 households in one of oldest neighborhoods in Falls Church, Fairfax County. The GDCA is represented by a board of directors. 

The Greenway Downs neighborhood was carved out of a 100 acre farm in 1927 but neighborhood as we know it today was not created until 1942,  when a group of neighbors decided to join together to get Fairfax County to hear their collective concerns.

Today, the GDCA is proud to be both one of the oldest and most active civic associations in Northern Virginia, and proud to be listed as one of 10 great neighborhoods in 2022 by Arlington Magazine. With support from its members, the GDCA board provides activities for the community throughout the year and represents the interests of Greenway Downs to local officials.  



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"We just moved here in April and are so happy to be in such an active and caring neighborhood." - W. George Mason resident

"I love Greenway Downs and love all the things the association does for the community." - Summerfield resident

"We are very excited to be part of the neighborhood." - Marshall resident


Thanks to our neighbors who support Greenway Downs, we are able to create community events like Front Porch Fridays and the pet parade, maintain our neighborhood signs, create our newsletters and much more. And, in 2022, we were named one of 10 great neighborhoods by Arlington Magazine. Help us continue to provide fun events, keep our neighbors informed and find new ways to strengthen our community. Please consider supporting your neighborhood by one of two ways: 

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Check out our neighborhood tees! The tree on the front has the names of each of our streets carved in its trunk. On the back we have our sponsors' names. Every tee sold helps support Greenway Downs. $15.

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