Greenway Downs

A Community Since 1942

Graphics that Have Defined Greenway Downs in the Past

Greenway Downs is a very old neighborhood, one of the first to be developed in Fairfax County after Lee Highway was built in the early 1920's. 

As late as the 1940's, a very old and large locust tree still stood at the top of the hill in the middle of Greenway Blvd., and cars went around it on both sides. The earliest Greenway Downs Newsletter in our archives  had a dedication to Tom Geddes, the son of Jean & Glenn Geddes of Greenway Blvd.  for his drawing of the tree that graced the top of every Newsletter from March 1963 to January, 1965.


see dedication to Tom (.2)

read about the fate of the tree and a poem dedicated to it (p.3)


The February, 1965 issue of the Newsletter featured a new graphic by Wayne Shipp of Custis Parkway. Mr. Shipp was honoring the well-renowned Harper House at 2824 Cameron Rd. A rather famous man named Carl Harper  turned that barn into a home full of architectural wonders, complete with secret passages, a moat and a drawbridge. Mr. Harper died in December of 1964.


see dedication to Mr. Shipp's drawing

see Newsletter article re:Carl Harper (p.4)

The Harper House in the 1965 Downs Newsletter

The Harper House fire in the 1976 Downs Newsletter

see historic information about the barn