Greenway Downs

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Neighborhood Groups

Our neighborhood is full of people with lots of interests, but we know it can be hard to find others with similar interests who live nearby. To help make connections among neighbors with similar interests, we've created this page to list groups that are open to other neighbors joining. Some groups already exist and some are just ideas that neighbors have mentioned.

If you are interested in joining or starting up any of the groups below, please send an email to The board won't manage these groups, but we are happy to connect group leaders and interested members. This list isn't exhaustive either! If you have another group you'd like to lead in the neighborhood, please email us and we will add it here.
  • Cornhole League: Meets on Wednesday evenings starting in June. The league will have a max of 12 members with teams of 2. The league will run for about 4 to 6 weeks. Though not required, we're also looking for hosts who have flat lawns, decks, or driveways at least 30 feet long and ideally a set of cornhole boards and bags, though boards and bags are not required. If you're interested, please email Joe McMullin at You can also fill out this form here
  • Golf League: This group will meet once monthly at nearby Jefferson Golf Course for a 9 hole round of golf. To join, email Stephen at
  • Book Club: Email Maria on W. George Mason who is leading Book Club. Her email is
  • Walking group: Stefanie has offered to lead a walking group which will likely walk twice weekly, once in the morning and once in the early evening. Want to join? Reach out to Stefanie at
  • Bridge to Kindergarten groupA group for parents of kids age 4-7, to meet each other as we’re going to be in schools together. Reach out to Emily if you'd like to join!
  • Neighborhood Dinners:
    • W. George Mason Monthly Restaurant Group: We meet about once monthly at a different nearby restaurant. If you live on (or near) this street and want to join, or if you want to start a dinner group for your street, contact Jenny at
  • New moms groupIf you're a new mom or about to be a new mom, consider joining this group! Just reach out to Kelly at or 610-574-4475. 
  • Wine Club: We have a NUMBER of people interested in joining, but looking for a leader!
  • Games groupGame Group meets once a month on a weeknight after 6PM for about 2 hours at a neighbors house, brewery, or Victory Comics. We play mostly cards and board games (host's choice) but are open to any game! Game group is BYOB and bring an appetizer to share. Our next (and first!) upcoming meeting us June 15 at 6:30 PM and you can email Megan to join or ask questions at
  • Other group ideas: 
  • Retro Video Games group
  • Garden Club
  • F1 Fans group
  • Seniors group

​If you want to lead or join a group and an email isn't listed above, email us at and we'll connect you!