Greenway Downs

A Community Since 1942

American Bird Company in 1927 -- 7219 Lee Highway

Ruby Lee Minor built this for her real estate office (lot no. 43) in 1927 when she was turning the  109 acre dairy farm into the Greenway Downs housing development. Click here to see the full article.




Falls Church Motor Court in 1958 (now Budget Inn at 7155 Lee Highway, Falls Church

Note:  the quarry (still there but filled over with blacktop), Cavalier Trail veering to the right at the lower right corner (Italian Cafe is now on the right side of this road)  Bolling Road behind the motel --unpaved.

Back of Postcard from Falls Church Motor Court 1958

Lee Highway -Camera looking East -just catches edge of the Quarry Motel on the Right Side