Greenway Downs

A Community Since 1942

Photos from the Past

Below are just a few photos we have gathered that show Greenway Downs throughout the 20th century. You can find other photos by clicking though some of the history links on this site. If you have other photos you'd like to submit, please share them with us by emailing us at

Cameron Road Looking Towards Lee Hwy

Circa 1942:

American Bird Company, 7219 Lee Hwy

1927:Ruby Lee Minor built this for her real estate office (lot no. 43) in 1927 when she was turning the  109 acre dairy farm into the Greenway Downs housing development. Click here to see the full article.


Early 1940s:

When the Great Depression of 1929 wiped out Ruby Lee Minar's real estate business many lots that she had sold in Sections 1 and 2 of Greenway Downs had no houses on them until the housing boom in the 1940's.

Route 29 was a busy travel road.  The Wishing Well Tourist Home was one of many such businesses along the route.

In 1936 Margaret and Harry C. Tubbs bought the property from G.E. Eakin and in the 1940's  owned and operated it as the hotel until selling it to Earl & Lois Wilson in 1946.

In 1971 it was " The Arfax Exterminating Co."

In 1982 it was " The American Real Estate Assn."

In 1996 it was, and still is, "The American Bird Company," also known as "Parrots, Parrots, Parrots, Just Parrots."

Lee Hwy

Year unknown, looking east - Quarry Motel on the right side:


Looking west, by Italian Cafe, circa 1970:

Old Dutch Inn, 7151 Lee Hwy

1962:This is now Luzmary's Bolivian Restaurant (and has been since around 2016). If you look closely at the ad in the window you can see 1962 on the sign.

In 1967, the Old Dutch Inn ran an advertisement in the Fairfax City Times for their "all you can eat Smorgasbord:" lunch $1.50, dinner $3.00, kids under 12 1/2 price!

In 1971 it was still the "Old Dutch Inn."

In 1982 it was "Paradise East Restaurant."

In 1996 it was "Pines of Florence."

In 2005 it was "Pine's Pizza."

By 2007, it was "Karaoke Idol"

Falls Church Motor Court, 7155 Lee Hwy

This is now the Budget Inn. Note:  the quarry (still there but filled over with blacktop), Cavalier Trail veering to the right at the lower right corner (Italian Cafe is now on the right side of this road)  Bolling Road behind the motel --unpaved.



Back of Postcard from the Falls Church Motor Court, 1956: