Greenway Downs

A Community Since 1942

Ruby Lee Minar and the Onslaught of Suburbia


When Ruby Lee Minar  carved out the first 200 lots  (plat) of Greenway Downs from a 109 acre dairy farm in 1927, there was only a house, a barn, and a carriage house to bear witness to the previous inhabitants.

Mrs. Minar remodeled Oakmount and the carriage house  in 1927 and both still stand today. The third, and most famous of these structures, the barn, was refurbished as a home  in 1933 by Carl Harper and until it burned down in 1976 was the defining landmark of Greenway Downs.

A familiar landmark today is the bungalow Mrs. Minar built as here real estate office in 1927.


  • 2819 Greenway
  • Original brick house burned down 1870
  • Unknown date for new house for the  Tripp family
  • Renovated as a new home and tea room, 1927-1928 


Tripp's Farm Carriage House

  •  2820 Greenway Blvd.
  • renovated as model home, 1928 


 "Harper House"

  • 2824 Cameron Rd.
  • Dulaney/Tripp Barn renovated into a home by Carl Harper in 1933
  • Burned down January, 1976


Ruby Lee Minar's Real Estate Bungalow'


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