Greenway Downs

A Community Since 1942

The Dulany Barn Becomes the Harper House



Articles about the Dulany barn, its 1933 renovation into the Harper House, and the 1976 Fire


Unpublished article by Joan Rodriquez re: the Harper House (mentions War of 1812)

 A Barn with a Past (source: Washington Post, April 12, 1970) (pdf version)

Fire Destroys Historic Fairfax House: George's Horse Slept Here, "Ghost" Haunted It

      (source: Washington Star, no date-article incomplete) (pdf version)

 Historic Home Burns Down (source: The Globe, January 8, 1976

 Letter from Falls Church Historical Society re: Globe Article

Unpublished article by H.H. Douglas, April, 1983

  Pictures of the Fire (source: offsite Mary Riley Styles on line photo collection)


How the Harper House Became a Graphic for the Greenway Downs Citizens Association


A picture of the actual Harper House versus the Graphic

     Why the Harper House becomes the graphic for  the Greenway  Downs Newsletters in 1965  

     1965 letter to Mr. Wayne Shipp re: Harper House graphic